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The hymn and music page is offered to promote devotion to St. Philomena. You are free to download, use and copy the music. The hymns are not for sale and are not to be sold.


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Little Princess, she was only 13, Little martyr

She died for her Prince, Pure as snow sweet Little virgin

Innocence so precious as fresh as a rose

Victim of love for her Divine Spouse: Philomena

She is one of chastity one of virtue

Blessed mother consoled her in chains

Healed in prison protected by Angels

Pierced by arrows for refusing the throne

To keep your sacred promise to our God



Little Saint, Little Virgin, Little wonder worker Philomena

Little Saint, Little Virgin, Little wonder worker Philomena

So sacred to our God, Treasured –little friend of Jesus

Be my guide; Answer my prayers Philomena, Philomena


Patroness of the sick and the lonely

You are here to help us all‑on our travels

You were tortured you were imprisoned

By the King for denying his ring

Miracle named light Philomena, Philomena



Nally pictured with Mons Braschi on a visit to the International shrine of St. Philomena, Mugnano del Cardinale, Italy

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O Faithful Virgin, Saint Philomena,

Humbly I now lay

my needs before thee.

Through thy intercession,

raise up to Heaven

and place at the Throne

of His Majesty.


(Refrain:)  Graciously hear me,

Saint Philomena,

Miracle Worker,

have pity on me.

Heed my calling in

all that I ask thee,

Saint Philomena, please pray for me,

Saint Philomena, please pray for me.


O Glorious Martyr, Saint Philomena,

through scorn and sufferings,

thy death did endure,

united with Jesus

in His Holy Passion,

Sweet little virgin,

so innocent and pure.  (Refrain:)


O Wonder Worker, Saint Philomena,

Sweet child of Light

in all suffering and need.

O Virgin and Martyr,

Precious in Heaven,

Humbly I come

seeking thy charity(Refrain:)

Words & Music:  Noeleen White Copyright 2012







Little Princess of Paradise,

Philomena. Child of the Light,

who lovingly did all He asked of thee,

ever humbly in His Holy Sight


Pure and holy Martyr,

for thy loving Saviour,

suffered agony to save thy purity,

in heroic fidelity.


(Refrain:) Ora pro nobis, Sancta Filumena,

Ora pro nobis, Sancta Filumena. (Repeat:)


Glorious in Heaven,

little soul triumphant,

who faithfully fulfilled thy destiny,

behold thy Crown of purity.


All for our Redeemer,

help us be

living reflections of Heaven

for the love of His Divinity. (refrain:)


Little Saint of Miracles,

O Wonder Worker

for all who call thee trustingly,

have pity on me.


From the heights of Heaven,

graciously obtain,

through thy powerful intercession,

all I humbly ask of thee. (refrain:)

Words and music: Noeleen White Copyright 2012



Sweetest Little Virgin

humble servant of the Light,

your blood, through torture,

for His Love, you gave your life.

Angles came to aid you,

till at last, your soul could fly

to the arms of Jesus

who was waiting there on high.



O pax tecum, Sancta Filumena,

O pax tecum, Sancta Filumena. (repeat)


Precious soul and martyr,

now bathed in glorious light,

little crown with Jesus,

ever pleasing in His sight.

Sprinkle dew from heaven

on all who invoke thee,

that we may imitate

thy life of purity.  Refrain


Through your intercession,

the light of heaven shines

on all who seek thee

at thy holy, sacred shrine.

Miracles and favours

spreading far across the lands,

granted by our Saviour

through His holy, holy hands. Refrain


Words & music: Noeleen White Copyright 2012.

             On hearing the ‘touching’ words “Saints choose us” … I could not help but think … “how beautiful …”

         My awareness of Saint Philomena only came into being over these later years … during which time, I prayed to her, seeking her intercession … but never did I really feel “called” or “chosen” by this dear Saint.

         One day, within the last 12 months, I was handed a 13cm x 19cm laminated picture of Saint Philomena … and was asked by this particular person if I could return it for them to where it had been acquired … as they, no longer, had any need of it.

         Something, at that moment, touched my heart very deeply … I guess it was a ‘sadness’ … this dear little Saint wasn’t “being needed!”

         So many times, I have to constantly remind myself that ‘everything that happens … happens for a reason … God’s Reason!’

Pondering this … maybe there was a ‘reason’ this special image of Saint Philomena came my way … the reason not being apparent at that time.

         Daring not to put this image where it may be overlooked! … I placed St. Philomena upright on the centre of our dining table … she had now become the ‘centre of attention!!’

         It was maybe the following morning, during my quiet time of prayer and reading … looking up at her image before me, I sensed an “intense and deepening desire and need” to honour this dear little Saint by composing a Hymn “especially for her” … accompanied by a heartfelt intention of increasing devotion to this little Saint of Miracles.   Shortly afterwards … in prayer … and with love … the music and words of the little Hymn “Saint Philomena” flowed freely into my heart.

         Fr. Peter Austin, Parish Priest, St. Joseph’s Church, Rochester, Vic., and Spiritual Director of the National Centre for the Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena, Australia, upon hearing the Hymn “Saint Philomena”, asked if 2 more Hymns could also be written for this dear Saint’s other 2 Feast Days.

         Amused by his appearing quietly confident he would not have to wait too long … with deep gratitude go God and St. Philomena … 2 days later, I was able to inform Father, his request had been accomplished.   “Little Saint of Miracles”  and  “Pax Tecum.”

         Words fail to describe the beautiful, encompassing feeling that accompanied the inspiration and completion of these 3 Hymns to this dear little Saint.

         Constantly calling on Saint Philomena’s assistance, I asked for words that would not only bring forth a Hymn in honour of her … but a sincere prayer “for all” seeking her intercession.

         With love and deep gratitude to God, this Music has been written … to be shared with many … and always … totally ‘free of charge’.

         May “St. Philomena” … “Little Saint of Miracles” …  and “Pax Tecum” carry God’s Precious Blessings for all whose hearts they may touch.

Hymns Written

In Honour of “Saint Philomena”

By Noeleen White

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