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Prayers answered


Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, O.P. (E.D.M.)
Saint Philomena The Wonder-Worker

But the marvel which made the greatest impression on me during my visit was the following: On the ninth day, I was in a side chapel. The Reverend Mother was speaking to a contractor, further up in the church, regarding some repairs. One of the sisters of the Sanctuary approached me and said quite simply:

"Father, have you seen the sign?"

"What sign?" I asked. "I have seen so many wonders during the days I have been here."

"Oh!" she said, "you haven't got the sign?"

"If it is anything more wonderful than what I have already seen," I replied, "I would not dare to ask for it. It would be presumption on my part."

"Oh! no, no," she answered. "You have come from a long distance and have remained here so many days; the Little Saint must give you the sign."

Saying this, she pulled me gently towards the altar where the urn containing the miraculous image is placed. She had not given me the slightest idea of what this sign consisted of. We knelt in front of the urn and began a short prayer. Suddenly, a sharp report rang out, as if the crystal glass had been struck sharply by something hard. The little sister jumped up, radiant with smiles, and said to me: "Now you have got it." The report was so distinct and sharp that the Reverend Mother, further up in the church, ignorant altogether of what we were about, jumped round and asked, "What is it for?"

"It is for the Father," replied the sister.

This knock is a well-known sign given from time to time to clients of the Saint and is, I am happy to say, looked upon as a special mark of her good pleasure. And surely it was a harbinger of good for me.

Arriving in Rome shortly afterwards, I had a private audience with the saintly Pontiff, Pius X, who manifested the greatest pleasure on hearing of my visit to Mugnano and gave me several marks of his favor, one of which was the permission to say a votive mass weekly in honor of the Saint.
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The photos left were taken at the National Centre at one of the devotional day in 2013.

The display case includes some educational material to help explain the life and martyrdom of St. Philomena. The display case also includes a third class relic of St. Philomena, seen in front of the sword.

A pilgrim took two photos one following immediately after the other.

The second photo seen at the bottom, showed a light emanating from the image of St, Philomena. 

The pilgrim attests that the flash on her camera was not used and there were no other lights or flashes at the time.

A little confirmation  from St. Philomena, daughter of Light.

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The Little Wonder-Worker of the Twentieth Century Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, O.P

Pius IX., when Archbishop of Spoleto, was prostrated by an illness, in which his life was despaired of. In his apartment was a figure of the saint, resting within an enclosed case. As he lay apparently awaiting death, a knocking seemed to proceed from the little shrine. From that moment the Archbishop began to recover, and soon he was perfectly restored to health. Afterwards, when he had been raised to the Pontificate, he made a pilgrimage in person to Mugnano. It was performed during the period of his exile, Nov. 7th, 1849. His reception was one of memorable splendour. At the church of St. Philomena he was received by the King of Naples, who humbly knelt on the bare ground, when assisting him to alight. The Queen, with seven children, and many royal personages, knelt on the steps leading to the church door to receive the blessing of the Holy Father as he ascended. In memory of the event, Pius IX. granted many new spiritual favours to the Sanctuary of Mugnano. During his sojourn at Naples, he named St. Philomena one of the patrons of the kingdom, and later on, in 1862, gave her as patron to “The Children of Mary,” and confirmed her title of „„Protector of the Living Rosary.”